About us

About us

Hat A Faya is a micro business that started in 2012. Everything is meticulously designed and handcrafted by myself, Clara. I am responsible for every step of the process, from responding to your messages to preparing and shipping your orders, as well as many other tasks necessary to running a business.

At first, Hat A Faya was simply a means of survival. However, thanks to unexpected circumstances and your constant encouragement, it has become my main activity.

I am deeply grateful to the Allmighty for all the blessings he has given me, including my two skilled hands that allow me to create these hats.

Your patience and the trust you place in me are invaluable treasures. You are an essential part of the Hat A Faya story, and for that, I am infinitely grateful.

" Lift up your head "

"Lift up your head" is our moto, our essence. It means not only proudly wearing our designs on your head, because the hats take some weight off your shoulders, but most of all walking with dignity, staying strong and confident in the face of life's challenges.


Our hats are specially designed for people with dreadlocks, for Rastas, but also for kinky hair that needs special care.

Our mission is to provide headwear that enhances your look and gives you an elegant style, well beyond a simple wool hat.

To do this, we use a wide variety of fabrics such as tweed, denim and velvet, as well as satin linings.

Additionally, our hats are available in five sizes (height) for a perfect fit to your hair volume.

To meet real-time demand and maintain our commitment of quality, all of our hats are handmade and made to order.

What does "hat a faya" means ?

"HAT A FAYA" is a play on words based on the Jamaican patois expression "hatta faya", which is a contraction of the English "hotter fire".

The origins of the expression:

The expression "Hatta faya" expresses strong tension. It can be used to condemn or denounce, but also to express a deep truth or extreme joy. Regardless of the context in which it is used, Hata faya is an expression of intensity and authenticity.

The symbol of fire:

Fire is the light that illuminates our minds, the creativity that dances like flames, energy and passion. Fire is the spirituality that connects our souls and the truth that purifies our intentions. Fire is what animates us deep within.

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